Childbirth Series

weekly classes: Group or private

The Bradley Method® childbirth class series is for women and their partners (or support person). Whether it is your first pregnancy, you're working toward a VBAC or are looking to have a more educated experience this time around, this series is for you! The classes are discussion-based and cover topics like nutrition, exercise in pregnancy, informed consent, stages of labor, relaxation/meditation and more! In addition to the training in each class, you'll receive a workbook, access to my lending library and my personal referrals. Classes are small, allowing for more attention to each couple. Payment plans offered!


If you've gone through birth education before through The Bradley Method® or another natural childbirth training, but you'd like a review for your upcoming birth, this class if for you. We cover the stages of labor, birth preferences, and a comfort measures review. This class is most likely one-on-one in your home, or a small group if there's enough interest. 


Prenatal Consultation

By Appointment

If you and your partner are feeling a little overwhelmed about all the options out there surrounding pregnancy and birth, and you'd just like to sort through it all with someone who has been there before, I've got good news! That's what a prenatal consultation is all about. I will help you understand the various options surrounding pregnancy, birth, and postpartum care.  If you're planning to have your birth in the hospital, birth center, at home or still haven't decided, this is a judgement-free consultation and caters to all pregnant women. Prenatal Consultations are tailored to your needs and are by appointment only. The consultation will have the greatest benefit if done during the first or early second trimester.